Building stages

protherapy building
15 July 2015

Completion of the general construction work

The general construction work is completed

06 June 2016

Another important stage in the construction of the first in Russia hospital center for proton therapy

The last preparations for the cyclotron insertion scheduled for June 8.

June 6, 2016, the installation of gantry parts was started. Installation work must be completed on time, regardless of the weather and gloomy sky.

To paraphrase the words of the first person on the moon Neil Armstrong, the opening of the proton center in Russia is a small step for our medical institution, but a giant leap for the whole healthcare system.

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16 June 2016

Installation of a gantry system

Installation of the beam transfer line system – a gantry.

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29 June 2016

Equipment installation is under way in the first in Russia proton therapy center

In the first hospital center of proton therapy in Russia the installation of equipment is continuing, the clinical start of the center's work is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017.

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17 August 2016

The first rotation of the gantry

The mechanical installation of the 1st gantry was completed in the center of proton therapy and its first rotation was made.

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