First in Russia and CIS Clinical Proton Therapy Center


The Proton therapy center of the Dr. Berezin Medical Institute has been under construction since 2012.

Since then we have gone a long way from the idea to build such a center for Saint-Petersburg, to its practical implementation, from signing a Memorandum of Intent with Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko, then the governor of Saint-Petersburg and laying the foundation stone of the building by the current governor Georgy Sergeevich Poltavchenko to recognizing this project as a strategic one for Saint-Petersburg, creation of the center design done by the design office of our institute and actual construction that was carried out by our own construction company Medstroy.

Today, we can proudly say that all construction works are finished and completed on time. A sophisticated ProBeam proton therapy equipment by Varian Medical Systems – a world leader in pencil beam scanning of tumors – has been placed inside the building and almost fully installed. At the moment, start-up and commissioning of the equipment is under way.

The equipment start-up will take 6 months and practically the same time will be required for its final tune-up.

Operation in a test mode began on September 22, 2017.

As of today, proton radiation therapy is the most precise, safe and sparing cancer treatment method.

The advantages of proton therapy over other radiation treatment methods are obvious and have been proven by numerous scientific research trials. Its main advantage is that a proton beam allows the most accurate delivery to a tumor of a dose of radiation that will kill cancer cells and virtually guarantee the full absence of relapses and continued growth of tumors. For some type of tumors the effectiveness of proton therapy reaches 94%.

In Western countries the cost of proton therapy treatment reaches $ 100,000 US and in case of treatment of children - up to $ 150,000 US. The cost of treatment in our center will be several times less and even when treating children will not exceed 2 million rubles.

However, this is a very expensive treatment and of course most patients will not be able to afford to pay for it out of their own pocket.

In connection with this, we have done a lot of work with the city authorities and already in 2017 the first 20-25 patients will be undergo high-tech treatment at the expense of the city budget.

In the future, in 2018 the city is going to pay for the treatment of pediatric cancer patients residing in the city and partly adult patients.

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