Proton therapy

04 April 2022

The first compact system for proton therapy has been installed in Israel

The Israeli company P-Cure has developed a system designed for installation in existing radiation therapy rooms and focused on the largest market of novelties of radiation therapy equipment.

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28 March 2022

Proton therapy for the treatment of lung cancer

Radiation therapy is one of the most common methods of treating lung cancer. It is often used in combination with other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy.

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22 March 2022

The court found the insurer's refusal to pay for proton therapy illegal

A US federal judge ruled that Aetna wrongfully denied patients access to proton therapy.

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10 March 2022

$12.3 million allocated for the study of FLASH cancer therapy

Having received more than $12 million in new funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, will continue to work on its preclinical studies of a new type of radiation therapy. The so-called FLASH therapy allows you to deliver ultrafast radiation doses in less than a second (compared to several minutes with conventional radiotherapy) and opens up opportunities for better protection of normal tissues, minimizing the toxic effects of radiation on the body.

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01 March 2022

Laser can become the basis of proton therapy

Calculations by scientists of the Moscow Polytechnic University helped to determine the properties of proton beams accelerated by a laser pulse. This knowledge is necessary for the development of proton therapy.

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21 February 2022

"According to some indicators, he has become better than before the illness"

Rostov resident Pavel Borontov was treated at the Proton Therapy Center of the Medical Institute. Sergey Berezina (MIBS) in St. Petersburg more than a year and a half ago, in the summer of 2020. The young man was remembered for his indomitable spirit (in parallel with the treatment, he continued daily sports training) and the ambition of the tasks set. "I want not just to overcome the disease, but to fully restore my physical form, return to sports and compete at the Olympic Games," Pavel said in our first interview. We decided to find out if he managed to realize what he had planned.

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14 February 2022

Generation of proton beams using laser radiation and plasma

Proton therapy is an accurate and effective method of treating tumors in sensitive areas of the body, such as the brain or eyes, and one of its main advantages is the ability not to damage the surrounding healthy tissues. During treatment, protons (positively charged particles) are accelerated to ultra-high speeds and are directed with high accuracy to malignant cells, thereby destroying the tumor. However, this effective method of treatment still requires the use of large accelerators, so it is used only in large medical centers.

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07 February 2022

The first compact proton therapy system from Hitachi

The Japanese company Hitachi, Ltd. announced the start of treatment of patients at the Center for advanced Medical Technologies Shonan Kamakura Advanced Medical Center, where a compact proton therapy system manufactured by Hitachi was installed. The first patients were treated at this facility on January 31, 2022. This is the first order from Hitachi for the supply of a specialized compact proton therapy system.

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31 January 2022

Children after proton therapy of oncological diseases live a lifetime

Recently, mortality from cardiovascular diseases was in the first place. Now oncological diseases are rushing to the leaders. And the problem of not only treatment, but also the preservation of the quality of life of the oncopatient is becoming more acute. Moreover, children are getting sick more and more often. And here a special approach to treatment is required. It's not enough just to beat the disease at the moment. It is necessary that in decades the trouble does not overtake again. Are guarantees inappropriate in healing? Agree. But still, still... Our conversation today with the Chairman of the Board of the Sergey Berezin Medical Institute (MIBS) Arkady Stolpner is exactly about this. And to be more specific - about proton therapy.

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26 January 2022

A second proton center has opened in the UK

The new Proton Beam Therapy (PLT) center at University College London Hospital (UCL) treated the first patients.

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