Choosing the right medical institution for cancer treatment is of paramount importance. The Center of Oncology of the Medical Institute of Berezin Sergey is the only medical institution in the country that offers patients the widest range of equipment used in modern radiosurgery and stereotaxic radiotherapy. When planning treatment for you, we focus on the clinical picture, the condition and shape of the tumor, the depth of its occurrence and the proximity of critical organs and structures. A wide range of tools in our arsenal allows us to choose and prepare an individual optimal treatment plan. The start of our proton therapy center, the country's first clinic, where proton energy will be used to treat cancer, is planned for the end of 2017. Proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiotherapy. The MIBS proton therapy center offers its patients:

  • the cutting-edge method of treating a wide range of oncological diseases
  • reduced side effects and minimal damage to healthy tissues
  • the most modern and best line of equipment in the Russian Federation
  • help of our oncologists, who have a huge experience in the treatment of oncology with modern methods of radiation therapy since 2007
  • opportunity to consult your case in the world's leading cancer centers, such as the MD Anderson cancer center, Scripps proton therapy center and others
  • an ambience of care and comfort
  • prices that are 2-3 times lower than in the countries of Europe, North America and Asia.