Specialists - oncologists of the center make a plan for irradiating cancer cells precisely conformant with the shape of the tumor and its depth. Careful calculation allows the doctors to deliver a higher dose of radiation to where it is needed - to cancer cells, while not touching healthy tissues and vital organs located next to the neoplasm. As a result, side effects from radiation (nausea, dizziness, weakness) are less pronounced and disappear faster than with conventional radiation therapy. And most importantly - the doctor has the opportunity to apply a much higher dose of radiation to the tumor, achieving a radical cure. The percentage of relapses with the use of a proton beam is noticeably lower than with conventional radiation therapy. Cure rate for some types of tumors reaches 95%. Radiation, getting inside the human body, has a very short life. After the end of the treatment, patients can leave the treatment room without the risk of becoming a source of radiation exposure to others. As a rule, patients lead an active lifestyle during and after the course of proton therapy. Many of them continue to work and exercise, while receiving treatment at the Center of proton therapy.