23 March 2017

In the center of proton therapy in St. Petersburg, the first physical beam of protons was obtained at the exit from the cyclotron.

"One of the most important stages in the construction of our proton center has been completed. It means that the installation of equipment produced by the American company Varian, which has been going on for more than 10 months, is coming to an end, "said the Chairman of the Board of MIBS Arkady Stolpner.

As explained by specialists of the company Varian Medical Systems, inside the ProBeam cyclotron heavy charged particles - protons - are accelerated to an energy of at least 250 meV with a beam current of at least 270 nA. The generated proton beam is then fed into the delivery system and at a speed of two-thirds the speed of light, along the beam-line with the help of powerful magnets, is fed to the treatment room, where the beam is guided by a rotating gantry system to target cancer precisely in the patient's body.

"Installation and start-up of equipment is on schedule. And this means that the first patient, as planned, will receive proton treatment in the fall of this year, "- says the Arkady Stolpner.



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